MAQ Washing Powder

Welcome to the Magical world of MAQ

Hand wash, twin tub or top loader? MAQ is magic.

MAQ’s super stain-busting washing powders are what started it all and they have set the standard for the quality of our products ever since. Affordable and easy cleaning, MAQ’s laundry detergents ensure white, bright, fresh smelling washing that is as easy on the pocket as it is tough on dirt.

PLUS it’s extra gentle on your hands – and your machine.   Best of both has never been better!

Product Tip

Want your clothes to last longer? Follow the care instruction on the label. Water that is too hot for example, can shrink fibres or cause colours to bleed. Not sure? Reach for the cold tap. MAQ’s stain-busting power is strong enough to work its magic even in cold water.

Product Tip

Too much of a good thing? It happens! MAQ is designed to work best using the dosages provided. Too much washing powder can actually affect your machine’s ability to wash clothes effectively and can lead to grey washing. For those loads that might need a little extra magic – opt for a pre-wash treatment with a MAQ Soap bar.

Who Knew?

Dishwashing liquid one of the safest things you can put on your fabrics – which is why it’s used to treat so many different stains especially those annoying greasy ones. Apply MAQ Dishwashing Liquid directly to grease stains, rub gently using just your fingers then let it sit for a few minutes. Rinse the area with cool water and launder as per care instructions. This clever tip even works on older stains that have been around for awhile.

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Available in:

  • MAQ 2kg Bag (for Hand wash and Top Loaders)
  • Also available in 1 and 3kg, 5Kg, 500g,250g and 150g
  • MAQ AUTO 2kg Bag (Perfected for Automatic Washing Machines)

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