MAQ Green Bar

Kind to your skin and laundry

Kind to your skin and laundry and even kinder to your pocket, this convenient multipurpose bar is becoming a household essential. MAQ Soap combines vegetable oil & glycerine making it mild and gentle enough to use on your family’s skin, but tough enough to tackle dirty household tasks.

The convenient bar form makes it easy to store and keep on hand anywhere you need a little cleaning power. It takes care of all your laundry needs, is especially effective for stain removal AND can do double duty in the kitchen as a dish detergent where is leaves pots pans and cutlery sparkling clean.

Product Tip

Use MAQ Bar as a pre-treatment on tough stains – give cuffs and collars (and the underside of those school socks) an extra scrub with this convenient bar before tossing them into the machine for some extra cleaning power.

Who Knew?

If multitasking in the bathroom, laundry and kitchen isn’t enough to convince you, you can also use MAQ soap in your toolbox – use a sliver of soap to keep squeaky hinges quiet, or use to coat screws so they hold better.

Look for MAQ Soap at your local leading retailer.


Available in:

  • 125g Bar
  • 250g Bar
  • 500g Bar

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