MAQ Fabric Conditioner

Now, with Fragrance BOOST technology

Few things can that smell of laundry fresh out of the wash. Now with MAQ Fabric Conditioner’s Fragrance Boost technology, that fresh feeling lasts longer than ever. Our special fragranced microcapsules are deposited directly into the fabric during the rinse cycle, and continue to release that blissful just-washed scent as you move. We even give you a choice of 4 great fragrances to choose from: Lavender, Baby Love, Aloe Vera or Fresh.

Besides smelling magic, MAQ Fabric Conditioner also helps your clothes look newer for longer by lightly conditioning fibres. This smoothing process also helps to reduce static cling. Adding fabric conditioner to your rinse cycle means clothes come out less creased and easier to iron. Less time ironing means more time to do the things that make you happy!

Product Tip

For best results, always add MAQ Fabric conditioner to the rinse cycle only – and NEVER directly onto fabrics.

Who Knew?

Stubborn soap scum on bathroom fixtures? Gently rub full strength MAQ Fabric Conditioner onto the surfaces and let dry. Do this a couple times if necessary. Remove with a wet cloth. You can also get rid of hard to clean hard water stains the same way – sponge on some fabric conditioner, gently massage into the surface, wipe with a damp towel and buff dry with a paper towel.

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Available in:

  • 2 liter
  • 500ml refill pouch (makes 2 litres when diluted)

4 popular variants:

  • Baby Love
  • Luxurious Lavender
  • Sensations
  • Sparkle Fresh

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