Vipec Multipurpose Cleaner

For Active Surface Cleaning

Have you tried our multi-purpose active cleaner cream?

Vipec is a highly effective all-purpose cleaner ideal for a variety of cleaning jobs around the home – including toilets, baths, showers and tiles. Suitable for just about any household surface, Vipec works hard – so you don’t have to it’s guaranteed to remove grease and grime with very little effort.

750ml bottles of Vipec are available in three exciting variants: Zesty Lemon, Fresh Potpourri and Gentle Lavender.

Remember to Vipe not Wipe!

Product Tip

For those extra greasy and grimy surfaces, use Vipec directly from the bottle, leave for a few minutes so that its active ingredients can work their magic, then wipe – or in this case ‘vipe’ away. Don’t forget to rinse clean for extra shine.

Who Knew?

Keeping your glass clean and shiny is easy with Vipec – just ‘vipe’ and buff with a dry cloth.

Look for Vipec Multipurpose Cleaner cream at your nearest leading retailer.


Available in:

  • Fresh Potpourri
  • Gentle Lavender
  • Zesty Lemon

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