Rigor Thick Bleach

Knocks Germs Dead

Rigor is a thick liquid bleach that knocks germs dead and protects for up to 24 hours. What’s more it has a long lasting fragrance that will have your home smelling fresh and clean for longer. Thicker than regular bleach, Rigor clings to surfaces for longer, allowing its disinfectant benefits to last – and last.

Perfect for cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, Rigor effectively and quickly disinfects surfaces and kills 99% of known germs. For those who take pride in their home, Rigor Thick Bleach is your housecleaning friend! What’s more our germ killing active ingredients are biodegradable – which means they’re designed to break down naturally into harmless substances after use.

Product Tip

When mixing bleach solutions, always add water first and then add the desired amount of bleach. This helps prevent unfortunate splashes that can damage your clothes and or adjacent surfaces.

Always wash hands directly after using any bleach product.

Who Knew?

The proper dilution of Rigor bleach for sanitising food preparation surfaces is 1 tablespoon per 2 litres of WARM water (Never hot). Get yourself a spray bottle and mix up a batch whenever you’re going to need sanitising agent. However be aware that chlorine evaporates so only mix a small amount at a time, it’s not going to be effective tomorrow!

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750ml Rigor Thick Bleach comes in three variants, each with a fresh, clean fragrance:

  • Coral Breeze
  • Lavender Burst
  • Morning Dew

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