MAQ Dish Liquid

With the Power of Lemon

See the sparkle! MAQ Dishwashing Liquid’s superior formulation uses the power of lemon to deliver quality you can afford. Make the most of grease cutting power and powerful stain removal action to get your glasses, flatware, cutlery and pots washed and stacked in no time.

Did you know that one 750 ml bottle of MAQ Dishwashing Liquid lasts and lasts and lasts?? 

Product Tip

Did you know that dish soap is also an awesome window cleaner? It cuts through greasy window film like nothing else and leaves a nice, clean finish….just add a few drops of MAQ Dishwashing Liquid to a bucket of warm water and you’re good to go.

Who Knew?

Want to brighten up glass dishware? Put the sparkle back in your glasses and dishes by adding a teaspoon of MAQ Rigor thick bleach to your soapy dishwater as you’re washing your glassware. Be sure to rinse well and dry with a soft towel.

Look for MAQ Dishwashing Liquid at your local leading retailer.


Available in:

  • 750ml
  • 400 ml

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