About Us

At Bliss Brands we are strong believers in manufacturing products that are affordable, without compromising on quality. We pull this philosophy through everything that we do, from branding to advertising to our ever-popular road shows. Great products last longer and we have made it our prerogative to educate our consumers on how to get the most from our range of cleaning products.

We believe that you should be able to spend less time and money on household chores, and spend more on enjoying what life has to offer.

That’s Bliss.

Incorporated in 2001 as a Proprietary Company, Bliss Brands started commercial production in September 2003 and sold our first bag of MAQ Washing Powder in 2004. While it took some time to gain traction, we’ve continued to capture our share of the market, introducing simple, easy-to-use products that have great appeal in today’s busy lifestyle.

We expanded our product line to include MAQ Laundry Bar, MAQ Fabric Conditioner, Rigor Thick Bleach, MAQ Dishwashing Liquid as well as Securex Soap. Our most recent addition Vipec, a multipurpose cleaner cream, is living up to the Bliss Brand quality reputation.

A decade on, we are the second largest manufacturer of washing powder in South Africa, employing around 680 personnel supporting national distribution to wholesale and retail partners.

We’ve proved that a proudly South African brand can stand up against the multi-nationals within the category. MAQ has become a household name and brand that people trust to not only produce quality – and also give quality back to our loyal consumers again and again.


The Bliss Brand Philosophy

Our vision is to boldly become a world class affordable Home and Personal Care company, gearing all our initiatives towards benefiting the end consumer by offering highest level of quality at reasonable prices.


A Proudly South African Company